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An innovative use of a traditional material

Clayton of Chesterfield has over 160 years of technology and experience. We can provide a very diverse range of products from the heavy characteristics of the Buffalo hide, which is thought to be the hardest wearing leather in this field, to the Cattle hide which can be produced in various looks and colours.

Leather floor and wall coverings, a passion mixed with enthusiasm and technology to achieve the beauty of the past and charm of modern style, demanded by Architects and Interior Designers worldwide.

Leather tiles have many other commercial and residential applications. These include hotel reception areas, executive desktops, and exclusive restaurants.

Today's designers and clients are moving towards more natural products to satisfy their desire for quality, style and class. Leather tiles with their sheer elegance and quality fulfil these requirements even for the most discerning of clients.

The variation in the look of leather, the blemishes and occasional brand marks are all part of the appeal. Nothing is done to hide the natural beauty of the hide from which it is made.

Leather tiles not only soften sound; they also create a warming feeling both under your feet and surrounding atmosphere. They possess a quality, which makes them simultaneously traditional, yet contemporary. Not only are they a fashion statement of today, they create a style which will remain timeless whatever the surroundings or lifestyle.

Currently available in 3 ranges starting at 3.0mm thick. Each range has a set of standard colours and two tile sizes. Custom colouring is available at an additional cost, price on application.

Each leather tile order is uniquely processed, and, despite all efforts to avoid any inconsistency, they may be subject to colour and tonal variation. A single sample can therefore never be taken as an accurate indication of the colour of any future orders. We do therefore emphasise that a small surplus of tiles be considered when ordering.

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